Professional Photographer Specialising in Animals.

Jo Sax is a photographer and image maker, specialising in work with animals. Through sets and carefully crafted scenarios, in real locations as well as individual portraits, Jo’s work creates a highly stylised magical world of light and colour, shot through with her characteristic playful humour, in which animals are the stars, and humans mute witnesses to their antics.

Drawing on her fine art training and extensive experience in the photography industry, Jo creates narratives out of the unexpected, visions that constantly delight and surprise, and uses her own memories and imaginings as the starting point for a series of arresting and provocative images. Jo brings technical expertise and a forensic attention to detail, built on the exacting standards demanded by her experience in the advertising industry. Her work has been exhibited and published extensively over the last twenty years, and in that period, she has honed a distinctive and unique aesthetic, a world of wonder and revelation.

Jo is happiest making images, creating content ,whether stills in the studio or on location , quality stills alongside film and TVC , directing moving image or bespoke animal portraits.

I’m happy to answer any queries Please be in touch 🙂