Professional Photographer Specialising in Animals.

Originally studying Fine Art, Jo discovered photography and became hooked. She started out by assisting many big name photographers, acquiring technical knowledge and developing her photographicstyle. Later, while living in Australia she worked shooting everything from cars, food, interiors and still life. Back in the UK, having honed her aesthetic she set up on her own back in 1999 working across advertising, design and editorial. It was through conceptual shoots with animals that everything clicked into place for Jo – specifically the images of a mouse sitting on a bun, and a dog with a bone; she had found her niche and has never looked back.

Jo is an expert in storytelling and creating worlds, exploring the interaction between a subject and its environment, and creating an atmosphere of magic realism. The resultant images are playful, arresting, with a strong narrative.

Jo is able to extract precisely what a client wants from a brief, and gets it every time.

She brings her unique vision, ability to bring a concept to life, expertise with colour and light along with her gift of working with animals to create the highly stylised, truly original compositions that you see today.

She lives in southeast London with her partner and two children and a few animals .